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  • The Artwork



    Guardian of the Sacred                         

    Be who you are and protect what you love with a fierce yet tender heart. Our waters, our creatures, our trees and lands, our inner and outer wildernesses need love and devoted guardianship.




    Ancestors Tribute

    When we speak, the ancestors hear us. Remember where you came from and who walks by your side. May the children grow with peaceful hearts, in touch with the great wisdom and love connecting all life.

    One big, beautiful family.



    Acorn Woman


    Life hums on. The sun, the moon, and the tides keep rhythm. As they have always done, the flora and fauna sing along. Your heart knows this song; it's where you belong.






    Kindred Communion

    Listen to the ones you love. Listen and speak your heart. Breathe and be breathed. Claim your place and be welcomed home. Family is everywhere and magic is afoot.





    Womb Dreams

    The tree of life is alive and well. The Mother of All is fertile and glowing as ever. Joy and peace will always exist. Our prayers and visions are alive in the cosmos. Earth is loved.






    Amma Loves Us

    Our little Earth, this precious blue green gem, is being drenched in prayers...always. Somewhere, at all times, birds are singing to the dawn. The Bodhisattvas are with us. We are so loved.









    Family Portrait

    When we listen and see with our hearts, it is easy to remember where love lives. Nourishing harmony is our true home.





    The Meeting Place

    In the quiet places there are gifts for gentle hearts. Be still and appreciate your breath, the preciousness of your senses, a cool smooth stone, fragrant plants, pure flowing water, new yet familiar friends...





    Mountain Dance

    Trust your instincts and venture into the deepest parts of your wild self. Whatever you find there, the Earth knows and loves. You are holy, like the rivers,

    mountains, trees, and sky.

  • Giving is Receiving

    May this art go forth into the world, bringing more peace, joy, and harmony into lives of all who see it, far and wide. My high quality Giclee prints are available smaller on paper ($40), or full sized on stretched canvas. Inquire about hand-embellished pieces, originals, commissions, murals, and illustrations.

  • Sage Marin Lampros

    May there be harmony between humans and all of nature.


    May the wild Earth and all beings be cherished and cared for.


    May we live our lives drunk on love, beauty, and gratitude.


    May we all remember our intrinsic belonging within the

    Web of Life.


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    I also offer hand-embellished giclee prints, commissioned originals, and illustration. I'd love to hear from you!

    1013 Cedar St.
    Santa Cruz, CA